The Cap Strip System

The Steelastic® cap strip system utilizes a production proven process that provides premium quality textile cap strip or spiral overlay material for the tire industry.

Featuring our proprietary high pressure "E" Die extrusion technique, these systems maintain precision cord end count positioning, gauge control, and overall dimensional stability. The Steelastic® process provides multiple, continuous reinforcing strips and automatically winds them on spools sized to accommodate your tire building equipment.

This streamlined process eliminates the need for costly calendering and slitting which creates the lowest possible overall product cost. The scale and simplicity of the system translates to less required floor space, lower maintenance costs, and greater flexibility. The result being the ultimate in quality, versatility and efficiency.

Steelastic® Cap Strip System Advantages

Precision width and gauge control
Superior rubber-to-wire adhesion
Improved cord control and position
Lower overall processing temperature
Complete cord encapsulation with no cut cords
Ability to process steel, nylon, fiberglass, polyester, etc.
Systems can be configured or combined to produce belt and/or body ply material
Delivery & Install
Reduced lead time compared with traditional equipment
No special foundations required & minimum floor space required
Systems are easily transferrable to other locations
WIP & Scrap
Elimination of staging calender material
Lower processing cost resulting from streamlined process
Streamlined process greatly reduces scrap
Proven Process
Many systems in operation worldwide